5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

Have you ever though you had a successful interview but didn’t get the job? You might not have realized it, but you could have shown your interviewer some red flags that could have been avoided!

Check out these 5 reasons why you could not have gotten the job:

  1. You weren’t prepared

Before you go to an interview, research the company you will possibly be working for. If you show up and are not even sure what the company does, the interviewer will not be impressed. In addition, usually, you will be asked to bring certain items with you to the interview. If you fail to bring the requested items, they will question your ability to follow instructions which will lead them to believe that you aren’t taking the interview seriously.


  1. You weren’t on time

When you have an interview, you need to make sure you’re on time. Being late shows employers that you don’t value the hiring manager’s time and are not taking the opportunity seriously. Although you want to be on time, you do not want to be too early. When you arrive too early, you could throw off the schedule of your interviewer and leave an unpleasant impression. Arriving 10 to 15 minutes early should be your goal for an interview.


  1. You were unpolished

No matter what position you are applying for, you always want to look put together for an interview. You don’t need to wear a suit, but you will want to dress in clothes that have no holes or rips. You also want to make sure your outfit is appropriate for the location of the interview, even if that is not the location you will be working.


  1. You talk poorly about your previous employment

Badmouthing is a HUGE red flag. If you complain about your previous job and coworkers, your interviewer will question what you will say about their company if you are hired. While at an interview, it is best to stick to talking about the experience you gained from your previous employer, not your opinion of the company.


  1. You weren’t qualified

Sometimes, you can have a great interview but still not get the job simply because you weren’t qualified. At the end of the day, the company is looking for a candidate with certain criteria that is required to perform the job at hand. If that is the case, be sure to leave a good impression. They will remember that when you are qualified in the future and apply for the job again.


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