About Job1USA

Job1USA was founded in 1951 by Frank H. Rumpf, a career personnel administrator who held the distinction of serving as the first President of the National Association of Temporary Services.

Job1USA is a national organization with headquarters in Toledo, Ohio and offices across the USA. We also maintain on-location™ coordinators to manage the personnel needs of our larger clients. On-location™ Job1USA computers compatible with client systems assist the on-location™ coordinator with application processing and payroll reporting, fulfilling the ever-changing needs of our clients on an immediate basis.

Job1USA employs thousands of “Quality People” nationwide, meeting their need for quality jobs, while filling the needs of our business clients for both productivity and excellence. Simply stated, we have thousands of employees and clients, but Job1USA service is customized to such a degree that most companies feel they are our only client!

Job1USA’s customized Human Resource services are further enhanced by our fully equipped Mobile Employment Vehicle. This 40-foot mobile recruitment center is a complete office that can go to any location to fulfill the specific recruiting needs in that area.

From coast to coast, Job1USA can help find the right job for you. Our motto is and always will be: Your Career, Our Job!