Hiring Veterans: A Win-Win

Don’t overlook hiring a veteran; you could be missing out on these benefits.

Have you considered hiring a veteran?

While Americans celebrate the service veterans and active military personnel provide, they often forget the transition to returning to employment. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall unemployment rate for all veterans in 2018 was 3.5%. While that percentage has decreased, it still leaves many veterans jobless when they return home. Many of those outside of the military do not recognize or realize the myriad of skills veterans possess. These capabilities can be easily transferred into the workplace which makes hiring veterans an amazing opportunity.

Still not convinced?

Here are 8 reasons you should hire a veteran:

  1. Teamwork Capabilities
    While in service, military personnel are trained to think what is best for their team. They are taught to come together to achieve one overarching objective. Knowing how to effectively work in a team gives veterans an advantage to others in the workforce. Veterans are the ultimate team player.
  2. Leadership Skills
    Throughout a veteran’s time in the military, they must learn to react quickly and appropriately in extremely difficult circumstances. Prioritizing their team’s best interests, veterans can step into leadership roles when a task at hand needs a sense of guidance. Veterans are taught to be prepared to take on leadership responsibilities at any given moment, making them excellent job candidates.
  3. Quick to Adapt
    In the military, environments and situations are constantly changing. A dynamic environment forces military personnel to adapt and improvise in the blink of an eye. This also means veterans are constantly learning how to react to new situations which, for employers, means they are very trainable.
  4. Strong Work Ethic
    Veterans, accustomed to strenuous work in duty, are extremely hard workers. They will put in the extra effort to assure a job well done. When there are deadlines to meet, veterans will always do what it takes to complete a task.
  5. Goal-Oriented
    Veterans are taught to assess situations and quickly create a plan of action to achieve definitive objectives. They then look at what did and did not work to decide how to improve their process for future assignments.
  6. Attention to Detail
    While always keeping the big picture in mind, veterans are also taught to be detail oriented. Military personnel know, if they overlook the small things, it could result in a dire outcome.
  7. Perform Under Pressure
    Military personnel are trained and expected to perform under pressure and meet deadlines. They know how to accomplish priorities on time, despite tremendous stress and demanding situations. While finishing tasks on time, veterans also understand the importance of doing things correctly. In the workforce, they will ensure that deadlines are not only met but are completed without error.
  8. Safety Conscious
    Through extensive training, veterans are taught the importance of safety protocols for themselves as well as others. Safety is often second nature to veterans as they can easily become aware of any dangers in their environment. This allows employers to be confident that veterans will always make safety a priority in the workplace.

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