Major retailers hiring seasonal positions

bruce-rumpfUpdated: Oct 04, 2011 6:36 PM EST : Original Article

By: Kristian Brown

You may not be thinking about the holiday season just yet but retailers are. Several retailers are looking to hire thousands of workers this holiday season.

This week Macy’s announced it will be hiring 78 thousand seasonal workers this holiday season, that’s a 4 percent boost from last year.

Meanwhile Toys ‘R’ Us plans to hire more than 40-thousand seasonal employees at its stores and distribution centers this holiday season. Michael’s Arts and Crafts, Walmart and Target are also hiring.

Today we spoke with Bruce Rumpf from Job 1 USA. His company has currently placed 82-hundred people in full time jobs. He tells 13abc, “even though it’s tough to get ahead right now…finding a job is pretty simple when you have the right attitude.”

Rumpf says before you fill out an application do you homework, “Research the company you’re going into lets say it’s Macy’s or Toys ‘R’ Us, do you shop there? If you don’t shop there and you don’t know anything about it online you can find out any and everything there is about the company.”

Once your research is done prepare to be flexible.

Many of these seasonal positions include long hours and weekend shifts.

Rumpf says if you are a go-getter…–chances are the seasonal position could turn into a permanent one.

“I always say at the end of my interviews, are you an energy giver or an energy taker? You would be shocked by how many people say oh…Mr. Rumpf…I’m an energy giver…and I’m sitting here going, you just drained me of everything I have.”

All in all, Rumpf says there are jobs for the unemployed and he believes Northwest Ohio is beginning to recover but for some it’s mind over matter.

“Everyday you’re going to have an opportunity…your deal, Kristian, is to recognize what an opportunity is most.  People say I never get a break, they wouldn’t know one if it hit them in the face.”

A spokesperson for Target tells us the company will be hiring through Thanksgiving to make sure they have adequate staffing.

The company is looking to hire more than 93-thousand seasonal employees.