Job1USA Employee Spotlight: Meet Liz Mohler!

Job1USA is proud of the caliber, passion, and talents of our employees, so for today’s blog post, we interviewed one of our rock star employees!

Get to know Liz Mohler, a talented young Ohioan who is using her role at Job1USA to give back to the community she lives in and make a difference in northwest Ohio.


Location: Toledo, Ohio

Position Title: Administrative Assistant

Employer: A nonprofit organization focused on local economic development and revitalization


Q: How did you begin working with Job1USA?

Sandra Rupley (Job1USA Account Manager) reached out to me via email. When she briefly told me what the job was, I was really excited because it was like my dream job.

I live in the Old West End and go downtown all the time, and now I’m working for a local development corporation. I also volunteer in the community a lot, so to have this connection is really substantial for me.

Q: What did you do before you started working at Job1USA?

Before, I worked in a healthcare organization and provided support and social work assistance to different case managers. My background consisted of a mix of marketing, graphic design, and administrative support assistance, so I was looking for something where I could use all of my talents.

Q: Why did you decide to kickstart your career with Job1USA?

I’d heard good things about Job1USA before. I had some friends who went through Job1USA’s services and were satisfied a few years ago.

What intrigued me was the brief description of my dream job.  I felt like the universe was reaching out and giving me this opportunity, so I had to take it!

Q: What do you do in your job?

A lot! My job consists of day-to-day operations at the front desk, financial reporting, accounts receivable/payable, event planning and photography….

Q: What’s one cool thing you’ve done at your job thus far that you’re super proud of?

This past summer, I went to a local block party and talked about our upcoming project for the Nautical Mile. It was a great opportunity to discuss the conceptual design and to connect with the community from that neighborhood.

I really enjoyed talking about the organization I work for and what we do. I like to be the kind of person who brags about where I work; I am very proud and honored to be working where I am!

Q: What is your favorite part of your current job?

Honestly everything because I’m always surrounded by progressive people; I always like to grow and change and learn different things.

Q: What are your career goals?

I like to be able to move within an organization. My career goal is to continue to contribute my skills of creativity and support to the nonprofit I’m working for and move up in the organization.

Q: How has Job1USA supported you in your placement and other job aspirations?

I feel like Sandra really empowered me by helping me, getting excited for me, telling me I was going to do great, and completely supporting me. She definitely is rooting for me. I can see that in the context of our emails. She always asks how my day is going or if I had a good weekend. That’s really amazing.


Other Fun Facts about Liz

Favorite food: I’m Filipino, and there’s this Filipino egg roll called lumpia I really like.

Netflix show you’re currently binge-watching: Kids in the Hall.

Favorite place in downtown Toledo: My favorite right now is BleakHouse Coffee. I like to go there quite often and get my daily Chai latte.

Fun facts most people don’t know about you: I manage three social media accounts and websites for nonprofit organizations in the community for free.

And in 2017, my friends and I created an organization that I’m in charge of called Midwest HeArt where we connect refugees and asylees to the community and make them feel welcome through the universal language of art.

I’m also really involved in two organizations that prevent human trafficking.

Lastly, I play the guitar and sing! I write my own songs.