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Use Job1USA’s Mobile Office to go to any location for your specific hiring needs.

Instead of letting job candidates come to you, why not go to them?

Our fully-equipped, 40-foot mobile hiring & employment center is a complete office that can go to any location or community where you need to hire workers.

Perfect for new company openings, hiring events, market research, relocations, facility expansions and more, the Job1USA Mobile Office can be your go-to recruiting center on wheels.

Mobile Office Features

  • Wi-Fi equipped with full office technology
  • Full application process (paper or electronic) from prescreening to hire
  • Private interview spaces
  • Orientation videos and onboarding training capabilities
  • Drug screening capabilities

How it Works

  • Use Job1USA’s mobile office and experienced recruiting staff for hiring events and more
  • Private label capabilities: the mobile office under your name, complete with your organization’s branding