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A vital strength of Job1USA is its personnel. We strive carefully to hire good people.

Attention is given to selecting the right person for the right position. In-depth pre-employment interviews are conducted, covering the past ten years, with emphasis on employment patterns and personal background. In addition to the interview, our personnel conduct a background screen, which includes contact with personal references and former employers.

When you call for temporary help from Job1USA, our staffing coordinator:

  • Identifies your need: accounting & administrative, clerical, industrial or technical.
  • Initiates a search on our unique computer program.
  • Locates possible candidates by skill and capability level.
  • Pinpoints one in close proximity to your business.

Job1USA staffing services may be extended to long-term placements in order to: fill a vacancy brought about by a family leave, staff additional needs during a growth spurt in an expanding department, or accommodate the loss of key staff members absorbed in the completion of a major project.

Job1USA can fill even the most difficult positions in accounting and administration–and tests each candidate to ensure your needs are met at the required skill levels.


Our model employs multiple levels of candidate screening, organized to bring the best candidates in the quickest possible manner. We strive to provide the candidate with a positive encounter, while engineering the process in a way that allows us to direct resources only toward the best candidates.

Initial Interview

Applicants identified through one of the sourcing avenues will be contacted by an account manager and interviewed:

  • To clarify any weak areas revealed through previous employment
  • To determine individual’s ability to perform the job
  • Sell the candidate on the value of working at that specific company or job site


Tests will be delivered based upon the type of position available. Job1USA will use a variety of tests to determine general aptitude. Based on the guidelines of the employer, testing will be formed around requirements of the position.

Job1USA uses a third party, internet based, skill testing software package that provides us access to well over 1,200 tests. Once the employer, determines the type or skills or specific skills you would like to have tested, Job1USA will make recommendations based on available testing. We would provide actual testing information for your review and confirmation prior to implementing.

Realistic Job Preview and Final Selection

Candidates will be presented to the employer. Interviews may be conducted by your staff to make final determinations of the qualifications of the candidate if needed; or Job1USA will make final selection on candidates.

Background Screening

Job1USA will conduct background screening to include criminal background, contacting former employers and listed references. A pre-employment rapid result drug screen will also be performed prior to any prospective employee entering the workforce.

Performance Management and Reporting

Job1USA will work with the employer during the implementation process to customize reporting and establish any metrics required. It is our belief that turnover and retention and production should be some of the metrics followed.

Account Management

In specific areas, Job1USA would present the option of placing an On-Location Coordinator at that site. The working hours of this individual and any possible cost share items would be based on volume of your staffing needs. A preview of some duties that the Account Manager would perform at your location:

  • Perform daily check-ins of Associates with supervisors.
  • Perform new employee orientations for all Job1USA Associates.
  • Calculate and verify Job1USA employee time cards.
  • Prepare pertinent time sheet summaries for the Job1USA weekly payroll and verify weekly invoices.
  • Coordinate regular Performance evaluations with all supervisors, disciplinary action, pay increases and documentation for Job1USA Associates.
  • Assure all employees are paid for time accrued.
  • Maintain an inventory of qualified employees that meet the criteria of the employer. Partner with the employer in safety orientations and trainings.

New hires will be provided with a complete orientation process by the Account Manager on or prior to their first day of employment. This orientation will cover:

Policy Handbook (i.e., attendance, dress code, discipline and reward systems, organization chart, expectations) also Safety Training as directed by the employer, and employee paperwork completion. Benefits, review process and other policies.