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Job1USA Security Services

Security provides the highest quality security, law enforcement, operations and maintenance, fire suppression and prevention, facility services management, and training services for businesses, government entities, and private users.

Our services include:

Background Investigations

Pre-employment background screening and public record research can be accomplished by Job1USA Security Administrative Staff for your company. All background information is gathered from State and Federal sources, in full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Drivers Privacy Protection Act, and all other applicable federal and state statutes.

Executive Protection Services

Job1USA Security Professionals can provide support, advice and protection for your company managers and other employees who are at risk due to job nature or location. Current intelligence of the area and persons are evaluated to determine the threat level. Security professionals trained for sensitive or hazardous situations can limit your personnel’s exposure to hazards and allow them to perform their assigned functions. Our Security Team will evaluate your locations, routes, dates of events and current criminal and political climate of your intended location. They will then present a comprehensive plan allowing you the opportunity to choose the best possible route and itinerary.

Job1USA Security has assisted in the protection of General Norman Swarzkopf, Secretary of State Collin Powell and several other dignitaries.


Job1USA Security Personnel can conduct video documentation of suspected incidents of criminal activity, unethical behavior or suspected workers compensation claims. Our investigators understand the complexities in uncovering factual circumstances surrounding sensitive investigations. It is Job1USA Security policy that our surveillance will never violate a person’s right to privacy.

Undercover Investigations

Job1USA Security Professionals can assist you with internal investigations that involve employee theft and dishonesty, drug and substance abuse, sexual harassment, and a variety of other workplace and employee related issues. Our security professionals can pose as an employee in an n unsuspecting workplace to gather information on problems. Upon identifying problem areas, detailed reports are provided to assist clients in taking appropriate remedial action.

Risk Assessment and Security Surveys

Our security survey team will meet with the management of your company and develop a security survey and needs assessment report. We will first discuss views of security with you, review the perception of threats and security concerns, and conduct an analysis of physical security programs, procedures, information systems and facilities. Next Job1USA Security delivers a formal report that provides a comprehensive security analysis of the client’s business environment, including areas of vulnerability and specific recommendations to effectively address these shortcomings. Our expertise with clients from a broad spectrum of industries allows us to recommend the best security practices and provide a baseline for planning.

Job1USA Security can also evaluate your company’s readiness to cope with a host of crises, including natural disaster, fire, bombing, kidnapping and workplace violence. Our management team can organize training, and simulation exercises to better prepare management for emergency situations. Emphasis is placed on the prevention and management of such incidents and the company’s ability to quickly resume “normal” business operations in the wake of these incidents.

We do not forget our responsibility to the daily operation of the site as well. Periodically, we conduct complete and complex post evaluations to determine that all requirements are being met.

Work Stoppages

Job1USA Security can assist you in preparing for work stoppages that occur at one or all of your facilities. There is no reason why production at any of the your facilities should stop because of a work stoppage by your union employees. Job1USA Security can conduct comprehensive security plans, provide additional security officers, assist with documentation with our security documentation specialists and offer our temporary employment services to augment workers lost due to the stoppage.

Fire Protection

Job1USA Security can tailor a security program for your comany that not only utilizes our security assets but can also assist you in fire prevention as well. Job1USA Security can provide a security team of officers that are trained in fire prevention, emergency response services and fire suppression. Our security staff can conduct monthly inspections of your fire extinguishers or other fire fighting equipment and train your employees on basic first aid.


At Job1USA Security we recognize that the way to keep our security staff prepared to meet any task presented to them is through training. To achieve that goal our security team is constantly training in tasks related to the security field. Through our strategic alliances with the International Federation of Protection Officers, Professional Security Training Network and the American Society of Industrial Security, our security professionals are trained on a variety of topics. As our client we would be able to offer the training to your staff as well.

Training topics include:

  • Terrorism Awareness and Prevention
  • Crime Prevention
  • First Aid
  • Identifying Critical Situations
  • Other current security topics

Electronic Services

Through our strategic alliance with “Security Solutions”, we offer a variety of options that your company may utilize when reviewing the security at their facilities. Job1USA Security is able to conduct an assessment of the current electronic security services currently in place at your facilities. When necessary we have the ability to offer you choices in how your closed circuit television system and access card readers are utilized.

In addition we can perform an electronic sweep to detect the presence of unauthorized internal electronic eavesdropping within a specific area. Your facilities that are regularly used for major management or technical decision-making should be considered for sweeps, especially when sensitive or valuable information is discussed. Sweeps are often also appropriate in preparation for off-site conferences.

Job1USA Security Verification System

Job1USA Security can verify security officer inspection performance through our Electronic Tour Confirmation System. Our system utilizes inexpensive steel-encased computer chips to record tours and incidents. These chips are installed on particular pieces of equipment or at locations that require checks by security personnel. Chips are non-reproducible and virtually indestructible, affording the best assurance that tours are being conducted by the assigned officer. Data collection probes are issued to security officers making tours and inspections. The probes are immune to weather and electrical interference. Our software package allows for system enhancements and is easily adaptable to perform facility inspections and to track physical assets.

The tour system is utilized to prepare job site activity reports displaying the daily and historical results of:

  • Security Officer Tours-confirms that the officer performed the tour in the proper sequence and at the proper time.
  • Security Officer Tour Durations-tracks the amount of time it takes an officer to complete a given tour.
  • Incident Reporting-documents unusual or emergency situations.
  • Tour Deviation-documents any unusual officer activity.

Once a tour is completed, the security officer returns the probe to a supervisor who downloads the information collected. The system provides instantaneous, real-time verification of post and tour checks (and therefore actual location) and the system then provides a variety of reports. If approved, we will implement the tour system at your facilities.